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GMBEL Overview

GMBEL is a project to help beginner traders to do trading activities with little capital. In order for beginner traders to gain new experience and low risk. Due to the rapid development of cryptocurrency and the highly fluctuating price of cryptocurrencies, it makes beginners traders face up to the risks they have never faced. To reduce such risks, we are here to create this project.


Little Capital for start

For the beginning of trading usually use capital that can be pretty good. But we aim for the beginner traders to use a little capital. It aims to reduce lost risk during trading.


Trader Experience Focused

We hope the beginner traders feel the experience of trading in the world of crypto. Therefore we will help as much as possible so that beginner traders can understand how trading.


Get Profite

We hope the beginner traders feel how we get the profit from their trades. We will help as much as possible beginner traders in order to gain profit.

Our Roadmap




Free 800k

To follow the airdrop you can contribute min 0.0001 eth.
Recomended gas price 120.000, check gwei safelow at here.

Wallet Supported